Water Service Line Inventory

The City of Waverly’s Water Division will be working on completing a water service line inventory in 2024.  Water service lines are the pipes that connect your household plumbing to the water main located under the street.  This inventory is required by the Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR) and must be submitted to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources by October 2024. 

You can read more about the LCRR on the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s website

The City will develop the water service line inventory through:

  • Internal review of existing water service line documentation.  This will include digitizing available information so it’s more readily accessible.

  • Water operator inspection of water service lines.  This may occur during regular operations while water operators are inspecting and/or replacing water meters, or at specially scheduled service line inspections.

  • Community reporting of water service lines.  See the instructions below on how you can report information about your water service line.

Completion of the water service line inventory is one of the first steps in the EPA’s efforts to decrease lead exposure in drinking water. 

Report Your Water Service Line Information

There are over 4,000 water services in the City of Waverly.  You can help us complete a more thorough inventory of our water service lines by taking a few minutes to check your water service line.  The scratch & magnet test described below is simple and requires only a coin and a magnet.  Your assistance in completing the scratch & magnet test and reporting your results through this survey eliminate the need for the City to schedule a site visit to your home.

Report your findings by clicking on REPORT and completing the survey form.  Contact the Water Division by email or by calling (319) 352-6247 if you need assistance identifying your water service line material.

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