Disaster Preparedness

Emergency Notifications

Sign up here for "Alert Iowa" notifications.  In the event of an emergency or severe weather, an alert will be sent to the phone number and/or email address provided by voice, text and/or email.


National Weather Service's Tornado FAQs


National Weather Service Prediction Site - This site shows current river levels and will also show river predictions when warranted at specific sites.  This link opens up at the Cedar River site in Waverly. Click on the "Upstream" or "Downstream" arrow to move to a different river gauge on the Cedar River.  The National Weather Service no longer predicts river levels for Waverly due to the inflatable dam which has significantly reduced the threat of flooding in Waverly.  The threat of flooding in southeast Waverly still persists and this becomes a concern when Janesville is forecasted to exceed 11 feet.  Waverly residents are to monitor the river gauge in Janesville when there is potential for flooding. 

U.S. Geological Society - This site shows current Cedar River levels, plus additional information regarding the river. such as water temperature.  Click on the "Upstream"  or "Downstream" arrow to view the river gages on the Cedar River.  This site will not show any river level predictions.

Little Cedar River Gage - This site shows the current river level on the Little Cedar.  The Little Cedar near Ionia empties into the Cedar River south of Charles City.  The National Weather Service does not make any predictions at this location.

Iowa Flood Center - The Iowa Flood Information System (IFIS) is a one-stop web-platform to access community-based flood conditions, forecasts, visualizations, inundation maps and flood-related data, information, and applications.

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