Snow Removal Information

Snow Removal Timing:

City-wide street snow removal operations typically begin between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. with two or more inches of snow accumulation, but the exact time depends on the predicted start and end of the snow fall and its intensity.

Cancellation Information:

Tune into KWWL, KWAY radio, and Facebook for weather related announcements about garbage and recycling collection.

Snow Removal Process:

Snow removal on City streets is a multi-step process during heavy snowfalls.

  1. Emergency snow routes (which include the hospital, schools and Bremer Avenue) are plowed.
  2. Residential neighborhoods are plowed, followed by cul-de-sacs and alleys.
  3. Full-width plowing takes place, typically a few hours after the first pass.
  4. Final cleanup occurs the following day (or days depending on the snowfall amount).  This cleanup includes removal of the windrows (piles down the middle of the street) and cleanup of intersections, plowing where vehicles were parked and application of additional materials as needed to improve melting and traction.

Our operators work diligently to provide safe streets, please contact us if you have a concern about a particular area or would like to thank a snowplow operator.

Parked Vehicles:

Vehicles that are parked on emergency snow routes must be moved immediately during snow events.  Any vehicle parked in a designated snow route may be towed, removed or ticketed at the owner’s expense.  Vehicles parked on City streets or parking lots for a continuous period longer than 48-hours may also be towed, removed or ticketed at the owner’s expense.  


Please do not let children play on snow piles or snow drifts along the streets, in the center of cul-de-sacs, in parking lots, or at the end of dead-end streets.  Snow removal operators wing back and remove snow from these areas during and following snow events.  Children burrowing into these snow piles to make tunnels and build forts can be hidden from the operator’s view, making this a very dangerous place to play.

Exercise caution around City snowplows and snow removal equipment.  Give the plows plenty of space, during their operation they occasionally need to stop and back up. 

Private Property Snow Removal:

If you own property in Waverly, you are required to remove snow from the sidewalk on your property.  If you fail to do so, you may be subject to a nuisance complaint and charges for the snow removal may be levied against your property.

When removing ice or snow from your property, it is against City code to throw, push or place from private property, sidewalks or driveways onto streets or into cul-de-sacs or gutters.  If you utilize a contractor for snow removal, please share this information with them.  If you or your contractor are found responsible for violating this code, you may be subject to a nuisance complaint and charges for the snow removal may be levied against your property.

Damage by Snowplows:

The City will repair damage to curbs and sod caused by City snow plows.   Damage to private improvements (fences, sprinklers, landscaping, etc.) in the right-of-way are the responsibility of the property owner.   Click here to report damage by snowplows

The City will not be responsible for damage to mailboxes unless they were properly constructed and correctly installed and struck by a snow plow.  It must be shown that a City plow struck the mailbox or the support structure of the mailbox for the City to be held responsible for any damage.  The City will not be responsible for any damage to mailboxes caused by snow and/or ice or the force of snow and/or ice thrown from the plow during plowing operations.  

Mailbox Information

Click here to report mailbox damage within 48 hours.

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