Street Maintenance

In order to prolong the life the City streets, the City of Waverly’s Street Division fills pot holes in streets and alleys, replaces damaged concrete panels, and performs crack sealing.

Click here to report a pot hole on your street, or call Public Services at 319-352-6247.

The Street Division also begins the process of street sweeping in the spring.  The City has 2 street sweepers which begin work at 4:00 a.m. while traffic is very low.

Seal Coating City Streets

Every year the City contracts out approximately 100 blocks to be seal coated.  This process consists of spraying asphalt emulsion road oil on a street and then immediately applying limestone rock chips over the oil.  The aggregate is then rolled as soon as possible to ensure the adhesion of the aggregate to the binder and pavement surface.  This process has multiple benefits in that it seals out water from penetrating the road structure, seals cracks, provides a skid resistant wearing course surface and is cost effective.

Slurry Sealing City Streets

This project involves placing a thin, asphaltic surface treatment over the road surface.  This street maintenance program is similar to the seal coating process; however, rather than sprinkling aggregate chips on top of the bituminous oil, the aggregate chips are pre-coated with oil prior to placement.  The streets cannot be driven on until the slurry seal has dried, approximately 6 hours.  The benefit of the slurry sealing is that it does not leave extra aggregate chips that need to be swept up afterwards by the City.

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