City Information

Waverly, a college river town with a rich heritage

An increasingly diverse and inclusive town that boasts a college population with one of the largest percentages of minority/international student bodies in Iowa.
•A  bustling  community  with  historical  German  roots, enjoying:
      -Sister-city status with Eisenach, Germany,
      -Prosperous retirement community of the same name,
      -College named after Wartburg Castle, made famous by German reformer Martin Luther, and a forward looking, American-focused, founding German population whose legacy gives flavor to all.
•A steadily expanding city characterized by one community spirit.
An elementary and secondary educational system that ranks near the top in the state.
•A dynamic recreational Cedar River, framed by spacious parks and a stunning new amphitheater to complement a budding musical culture.
•A thriving, city sponsored child daycare center to support young families.
•Flourishing churches and service agencies that bond together to serve the common good and help move Waverly toward being hunger free.
•Locally owned Waverly Light and Power and the Waverly Hospital and Health Care System - both exemplary institutions.
•A robust economy propelled by a thriving agri-business. Waverly, Iowa
•A much heralded quality of life that includes:
     -a state of the art library, the center for many community activities,
     -well established sports programs that feature new and spacious soccer fields to serve this   fast growing sport,
     -an extensive system of centrally located bicycle and hiking trails that provide positive leisure   time activities,
     -one of the longest running (60+years), high quality, community symphony orchestras in the     country,
     -three thriving business districts, including one with the distinction of being recognized by Main Street Iowa since 1986, and
     -a coveted safe environment with strong, top quality police and fire departments.

Waverly, a community of opportunity for all!
          DESTINATION TOWN- Strategic Plan Summary Statement and 2014 Goals

The hope and dream of becoming a destination town is a process as well as a goal. This process has been underway for an extended period of time and is now, slowly but surely, gaining energy, and for this the whole town deserves applause. The next levels of transition from a “good reputation town” to a “destination community” depend on first evolving, and second, articulating an attractive identity, along with elevating our own rich culture.
This beckons a simultaneous effort to address and/or market:
•Our retail opportunities and needs,
•A continued development of our quality of life through bike trail expansion,
•Swimming pool updates and improvements,
•New dog park to serve our dog owners’ needs,
•An address of our young families’ needs for affordable childcare,
•New and creative housing vision that captures small town togetherness,
•Another new industrial park to increase jobs,
•Effort to better feature the excellence of our elementary and secondary education, and
•Celebration of the Waverly/Wartburg bond that elevates everyone.

A high quality of life, friendly and progressive merchants, and a college town atmosphere; this is Waverly, Iowa.