Board of Appeals

This is a Bremer County Board with one representative each from Unincorporated Bremer County and the cities of Denver, Readlyn, Janesville, Tripoli, and two representatives from Waverly.

The main purpose of the Board of Appeals is to hear and decide appeals concerning the suitability of alternate materials and methods of construction and to hear and decide appeals of determinations made by the Building Official concerning interpretations of the provisions of applicable codes.

Members: 7
Terms: 5 years
Phone Number: 319-352-0332 (Bremer County)

Dave Beenblossom

Term Expires: NA
Call: (319) 230-9657

Doug Bird, Secretary

Term Expires: NA
Call: (319) 352-0332

Lois Hoffman

Term Expires: 12/31/2001
Call: (319) 352-1163

Butch Kehe

Term Expires: 1/20/2025
Call: (319) 240-0243

Rod Laymann

Term Expires: NA
Call: (319) 882-3277

John Mohlis

Term Expires: NA
Call: (319) 352-2575

Larry Pavalec

Term Expires: NA
Call: (319) 279-3218

Randy McKenzie

Term Expires: NA
Call: (319) 352-0332

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