Planning involves setting goals to accomplish a stated vision, and following through on the action items agreed to under the stated goals.  The Community Development Office is committed to providing excellent customer service to the residents and property owners of Waverly, and to ensure the public health, safety and welfare are upheld.  

The office is tasked with administering the zoning code, and is responsible for the enforcement of the regulations stated in the City Code while promoting the most efficient use of land and ensuring the future vision of Waverly may be realized.  The office will oversee the establishment and maintenance of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan, the Future Land Use Plan for the City, which is the basis of the zoning districts and Land Use Designations within the City limits.   Click here for the current Zoning Map.

For any inquiries regarding building or altering any structures within Waverly, feel free to contact the Community Development Office to coordidnate the siting of the structures and/or additions.

Welcome to Waverly. Great schools. Diverse housing options. Robust job market. Top-flight indoor rec center. Outdoor recreation adventures of all kinds. Prestigious Wartburg College. And a safe and welcoming community of people who value the good life in a beautiful place.