Urban Chickens

The City of Waverly allows property owners in residentially zoned areas the ability to apply to have chickens on their property.


The Urban Chicken code is Chapter 72 in the Health and Sanitation portion of the City Code.

General Information

Housing chickens is customarily an agricultural endeavor.  The City of Waverly allows those on residential lots to apply for chickens.  The Community Development office will review the property against the Code provisions and render a decision on the request.  

  • There is an application fee of $30 (refunded if not approved).
  • Property owner must construct a pen at minimum size and setback requirements from property lines (see brochure).
  • Allowed up to four (4) chickens (no roosters).
  • Permit is valid for three (3) years through December 31 of year three from application year, including remainder of application year. (ie: if approved by the City on June 1, 2020, permit is valid for remainder of 2020 until December 31, 2022).

For all questions related to housing chickens and the associated requirements, contact the Community Development Office.

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