Solar Panels

If you are planning to add solar panels to your property, the building permit will be applied to and issued by Bremer County.  Once submitted to the Bremer County Building and Zoning department, the city Zoning Administrator will review to ensure that the plan is following the Alternative Energy System Requirements listed in the City Code.

The information that the Zoning Administrator will ask for once the building permit has been initiated with Bremer County:

  • Permit Number
  • Last Year Energy Consumption
  • Proposed Yearly Energy Production
  • Height of Panels from Top of Roof
  • Location of Panels
  • Verification that Waverly Utilities has been contacted

If the Zoning Administrator determines that the submitted plan does not follow the guidelines specificed within the code, it may be determined that the application could go through the special provisional use process.  Special provisional uses require a review and recommendation of the Planning and Zoning Commission to the Board of Adjustment, who will then determine approval of the submitted application.

Applications submitted for solar panels that meet the design requirements and do not require a special provisional use permit, shall be granted administrative approval.  Please note that the approval of the solar panel application does not indicate compliance with building code, electric code or plumbing code. For more information about requirements for doing any building, electrical, plumbing or mechanical work and fees associated with the work, contact the Bremer County Inspections Office at (319) 352-0332.

If you have submitted the building permit to Bremer County, please feel free to email the additional information needed to the Zoning Department to help expidite your request.

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