Plot Plan

What is a plot plan? 

Plot plans are drawings which show the location of existing and proposed improvements (such as buildings, driveways, sheds) in relation to property boundaries and roadways.

When should plot plans be submitted?

You should submit plot plans with applications for most zoning permits including but not limited to residential building permits, demolition permits, land use permits, and fence permits.

Who may prepare plot plan drawings?

As long as plot plans are legible, accurate, and drawn to scale, plot plans may be prepared by anyone. When you purchased the property you may have received a survey, which you may be able to use as a base for drawing a plot plan; another great tool is the website, Beacon, used by the Bremer County Assessors Office. 


Plot plans should include as necessary:

  • Indicated direction of North
  • Property lines
  • Existing and proposed building dimensions
  • Distances from property boundaries of existing and proposed structures, including sheds, swimming pools, fences, etc.
  • Existing and proposed road/street right-of-way lines.
  • Driveways and parking. Existing and proposed entrances to or from the site including the curb/pavement radius, driveways, and parking lots
  • Any easements or setbacks marked.

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