Waverly Historic Preservation Award


Nomination Form

To be eligible, a property must be at least fifty years old and within Waverly's city limits. The property may be used for either residential purposes or non-residential purposes.  The award may be given either in recognition of work undertaken in the last three years or of a long-standing commitment to preservation. Properties are judged on the basis of exterior appearance only.

The awards will be made using one or more of the following criteria:

  • Building improvements made with regard to sensitive restoration or original design (including, for example, removal of contemporary materials that compromised the original architectural intent).
  • New addition in keeping with the original structure and setting. 
  • Adaptive reuse of a building that preserves the original architectural character.
  • Historic paint color scheme.
  • Historic landscape design, which displays an effort to preserve the original landscape character and setting of a building. 

The public is invited to nominate properties for the Waverly Historic Preservation Awards. People may nominate their own properties.  Winners will be determined by the Waverly Historic Preservation Commission.

Past Award Recipients

  • 2020 - Scott and Linda Kollenkark 415 4th Ave SW
  • ‚Äč2017 - Scott and Sherri Niles 508 2nd St SW
  • 2016 - Glenn and Gail Fenneman 614 1st Ave NW
  • 2013 - DyAnn Longseth and Ron Rose 416 2nd St SE
  • 2013 - Kathryn Koob 608 3rd Ave NW
  • 2012 - Brian and Jolene Sullivan 308 2nd St SW
  • 2012 - Robert and Malissa Cousin 608 4th Ave NW
  • 2011 - Tim and Lani Gehlsen Schoepf 622 East Bremer Ave
  • 2011 - Mark and Beverly Anderson 502 4th St SW
  • 2008 - Inez Christiansen 523 4th St NW
  • 2008 - Greenwood, Wartburg College President's Residence 902 12th St NW
  • 2008 - Bo Studio 121, Owner Bo Ellison 121 East Bremer Ave
  • 2007 - Barth and Margery Steere 322 1st St SE
  • 2005 - Don and Pearl Spore 502 Second St NW
  • 2005 - David and Judy Ostrander 401 Second Ave SW
  • 2005 - Mark and Karen Lehmann 220 2nd Ave NW
  • 2004 - Gary and Michelle Shultz 323 2nd Ave NE
  • 2004 - Milt Westendorf 410 10th St NE
  • 2003 - Jim and Candy Hundley 318 2nd Ave SW
  • 2003 - Drs. Brian and Mariah Birgen 322 3rd St SE

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