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1868 Poster Maps Available for Purchase

Poster maps show a city view of 1868 Waverly, Iowa, and are 15” (length) by 12” (height). They are $10 each. They will be provided in a cardboard tube and contain a summary about the practice of creating 19th century Bird’s Eye View maps. If the poster map is to be mailed, add $5.00 to the total. Order via check, cash, or money orders. If picking up a poster in person, a contact is listed on the order form.

Print, fill out and mail the order form to: City of Waverly, PO Box 616, Attn: Historic Preservation Commission, Waverly, IA  50677.

Additional information about the historic poster maps is available from any Historic Preservation Commissioner, the Waverly Chamber of Commerce, the Community Development Office at the City of Waverly, or the Waverly Public Library.

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  • Architect and Preservationist Andrew Bell presented a forum on "Historic Tax Credits" on May 11, 2019. For additional information, questions, or to view his PowerPoint, contact Andrew at

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A high quality of life, friendly and progressive merchants, and a college town atmosphere; this is Waverly, Iowa.