Historic Preservation Commission

According to city code, the purpose of this commission is to:

1. Promote the educational, cultural, economic, and general welfare of the public through the recognition, enhancement, and perpetuation of sites and districts of historical and cultural significance:
2. Safeguard the City's historic, aesthetic, and cultural heritage by preserving sites and districts of historic and cultural significance;
3. Stabilize and improve property values;
4. Foster pride in the legacy of beauty and achievements of the past;
5. Protect and enhance the City's attractions to tourists and visitors and the support and stimulus to business thereby provided;
6. Strengthen the economy of the City;
7. Promote the use of sites and districts of historic and cultural significance as places for the education, pleasure, and welfare of the people of the City.

1868 Bird's Eye View of Waverly

1868 Bird's Eye View of Waverly historic maps are available for a suggested donation of $10 (additional $5 if shipping is needed). poster maps. See the Resources page for an order form and additional details. 

For information about historic preservation forums or historic tax credits, also see the Resources page. 

Permission to reprint coverage of his national award story in the July 31st Bremer County Independent is given by staff writer, Eric VanSickle. 

Historic Preservation Commission City Code - Revised November 2014

Term: 3 years
Meetings: Fourth Monday of the month.
Appointed by the Mayor with confirmation of the City Council.

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A high quality of life, friendly and progressive merchants, and a college town atmosphere; this is Waverly, Iowa.