Permit & Fees

Applications for permits for the city of Waverly, Iowa are to the left.

The City of Waverly requires building permit applications prior to undertaking any exterior work where structures / projections are added to residential property and certain interior projects.  Homeowners may do work on their own place of residence, as outlined below. In other scenarios, a licensed Contractor will be required to complete the work, also outlined below.  

If you are a homeowner and you are doing work on your own property, you may do the construction, electrical and plumbing for your remodels. You may also build or erect fences, utility sheds and detached garages. A permit is required. If the home is a new home, you may do your own plumbing, but not your own electrical.

If you are a contractor, you must be licensed with the Bremer County Building, Zoning and Sanitation Office.

Homeowner doing the following does not require a building inspection:
The following items only require Zoning office review. There is no fee. Once reviewed and approved by the Waverly Zoning office, you will be notified via email, if provided, or phone call, if no email provided.

  • Fences
  • Utility Sheds less than 120 square feet
  • Swimming pools less than 5,000 gallons (ie: 15 ft. round dia. with 52 in. wall height)

Homeowner or Contractor doing the following on existing/new residential buildings:
Building code compliance review will be necessary.  There will be a fee for the permit review.  (Contact Bremer County Building Inspections Office for fee information):

  • Decks/Steps/Railing construction/replacement
  • Building additions
  • Interior wall addition / removal, including basement finish
  • Roofing projects
  • Window and door replacement*
  • Siding
  • Utility Sheds/Garages 120 square feet or larger
  • Air conditioning replacement
  • Furnace replacement
  • Electrical (homeowner may do own work on remodels or in residence in which they reside.  For a new residence or work being done on rental properties a licensed contractor will be required to complete the work).
  • Plumbing (homeowner may do own work on remodels or in residence in which they reside.  For a new residence, the homeowner or contractor may complete the work.  For rental properties, a licensed contractor must complete the work.)
  • Water heater replacement
  • Swimming Pools more than 5,000 gallons (ie: 15 ft. round dia. with 52 in. wall height)
  • Other items not specifically mentioned above may require inspection

*Egress windows with window wells will need a dimensioned plot plan accompanying the permit application, showing distance from closest property lines.

All completed and signed permit applications shall be accompanied by dimensioned plot plans clearly showing dimensioned setback lines from all property lines, or for interior work, dimensioned building/addition plans, for review.

Projects requiring building code review will require a fee, according to the Bremer County Inspections fee schedule. 


Bremer County Building Inspections Office:
415 E Bremer Ave
Waverly, IA 50677
Phone: (319) 352-0332
Fax: (319) 352-5271
Hours: M-F 7:00am - 4:30pm

Waverly Zoning Office:
200 1st Street NE
Waverly, IA 50677
Phone: (319) 352-9208
Fax: (319) 352-5772
Hours: M-F 8:00am - 4:30pm

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