Administrative Division

The Administrative Division of the Waverly Police Department is the secure record keeping branch of the department and is responsible for maintaining all reports, records and transactions generated by the public or its police officers.

As a “public office” the Administrative Division has two basic duties under the public records laws:

  1. to provide for the prompt inspection of public records, and
  2. to provide copies of public records within a reasonable period of time, if requested.

The Administrative Division processes all paper work generated by the members of the Waverly Police Department. This includes, but not limited to, incident reports, accident reports, citations, written warnings and parking tickets. Incident reports are entered into TraCS (Traffic and Criminal Software) and maintained in RMS (Records Management System). Accident reports are entered into TraCS by officers, but are sent electronically to the Iowa Department of Transportation by this office. Citations are notarized, copied with the originals forwarded to the Bremer County Clerk of District Court with a copy maintained in RMS. Written warnings are also maintained in RMS. The Administrative Division also works with insurance companies and individuals that need verification of thefts, criminal mischief, accidents, etc.

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