Human Equity and Diversity Commission Directory

The Commission shall have the following powers and duties:

 1.         To recommend to the City Council a budget providing for the operations of the Human Equity and Diversity Commission.

2.         To recommend to the City Council plans, strategies and policies to remove barriers, build partnerships, and advance opportunities for the people of Waverly.

3.         To design and initiate actions that promote diversity and secure equity for all people within the City of Waverly and to shape a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable community.

Members: 7 members
Terms: 2 years
Meetings: 2nd Tuesday of the Month


Ashley Smiley

Term Expires: 2/15/2024

Amy Kangas, Secretary

Term Expires: 2/15/2024

Andy Hansen, Chair

Term Expires: 2/15/2024

Lynda Abkemeier, Vice-Chair

Term Expires: 2/15/2025

Shar Roorda

Term Expires: 2/15/2025

Nikoli Falenschek

Term Expires: 2/15/2025

Stephanie Ross

Term Expires: 2/15/2025

Jennifer Wolff, Council Liaison

Term Expires: 1/2/2025

Carla Guyer, Staff Liaison


Are you interested in serving on the Human Equity and Diversity Commission for the City of Waverly? If so, please fill out the Board and Commission Application to be considered.

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