Yard Waste

The City of Waverly's Yard Waste Site is located at 2800 5th Ave. NW at the site of the Recycling Center.  Leaves, grass clippings, garden waste, trees, branches and brush are accepted there at no charge.  (The Bremer County Landfill does not accept yard waste.)  The Yard Waste Site also accepts large, bulky items that are not picked up by the City's garbage trucks.  There is a fee for disposal of these items.

The Yard Waste Site is composed of 5 areas:

  1. Drop-off site for leaves / grass clippings / garden waste (non-woody material).  All material to be emptied from bags, unless biodegradable bags are used.
  2. Drop-off site for trees / branches / brush (woody material).  Large tree roots are not accepted.
  3. Pick-up site for compost material.  Compost material is the end result of the leaves, grass clippings, etc. that were dropped off.  This material is free of charge to Waverly residents.
  4. Pick-up site for wood chips.  Wood chips are the end result of the tree branches, brush, etc. that were dropped off.  This material is free of charge to Waverly residents.  (For delivery information, see our "Curbside Yard Waste Collection" page.)
  5. Drop-off site for large, bulky items that cannot be placed in garbage trucks (appliances, furniture, televisions, computers, carpet, tires, etc.)  These items are picked up and recycled by a commercial recycler.  There is a charge for these items that must be paid when they are dropped off.  These charges are listed under Garbage - Disposal of Bulky Items.  LP tanks are not accepted at the Yard Waste Site.

Yard Waste Site Hours

Waverly's Yard Waste Site opens in early spring and closes in late fall.
2019 Opening Day of Yard Waste Site:  Mon., April 1st
2019 Closing Day of Yard Waste Site:  Sat., November 23rd

April 1 thru Nov. 23   
Monday thru Friday.......

7:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Nov. 23 thru March 2020
Monday thru Friday.......

Wood Chips

Waverly residents are encouraged to bring wood trimmings to the Yard Waste Site.  The City then contracts for the grinding of trimmings into wood chips.  The chips can then be used in landscapings and are available free of charge to Waverly residents.


Leaves, grass clippings and garden waste are also accepted at the Yard Waste Facility.  All are then processed into compost by creating long rows that are carefully monitored and farmed until a rich material is created.  The finished compost is a great soil conditioner for gardens and landscaping.  This material is also free to Waverly residents.

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