Sidewalk Program

Map of Annual Sidewalk Repair Districts

2017 Sidewalk Repair Program schedule:

  • February.......Property owners are notified by letter of 2017 Sidewalk Repair Program.
  • March-April........City inspects sidewalks for needed repairs.
  • May...........Property owners are mailed notification if their sidewalk needs to be repaired.
  • April-Aug. .........City's hired contractor constructs new pedestrian ramps.
  • May-Aug. ..........Property owners can repair their own sidewalk or hire a contractor to complete work.  (A sidewalk permit is required.  Work must be completed by Sept.1st.)
  • Sept. & Oct. ......City's hired contractor repairs all sidewalk that has not been completed by the property owner.  Improvements will be invoiced or assessed accordingly.
  • Nov./Dec............Assessments are finalized for those sidewalk repairs completed by the City's  contractor.

Standard Sidewalk Inspection Guidelines

Photo of typical corner Ped. Ramp

Early June '17 Update:

  • All property owners in District 7 with City sidewalk marked for repairs should have received your mailing by now.  This will include information on identification codes, repair options, cost estimates, assessment schedule, etc.
  • Properties with no repair work required will be receiving a follow-up mailing soon.

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