City Fee Schedule

Special Events Form


Special Events Ordinance

Parades/City Streets Event Form $25

Block Party

Block Party Ordinance

Display Fireworks $0
Peddler/Solicitor/Transient Merchant $20 and $5,000 Peddler Bond

Mobile Food Vendor

Mobile Food Vendor FAQs

Chapter 53- Peddlers, Solicitors, Transient 
Merchants, and Mobile Food Vendors

$50/day, $100/week, $125/month,$250/year

Mobile Food Vendor Vehicle Self-Inspection
(Class III and IV food trucks and vendors)

Cigarette/Tobacco Permit
Iowa Alcoholic Beverage Division
Black Hawk County Health Department

Community Development & Zoning Permit Fees

Sign: under 40 sf $5 (double if sign is place prior to permit approval)
Sign: 40 sf to 100 sf $10 (double if sign is place prior to permit approval)
Sign: 100 sf or more $25 (double if sign is place prior to permit approval)
Fence $0
Burn (3 types) $0
Moving $20 per structure
Parking Lot $10 per 1,000 sf of new paved area
Demolition $20 per structure
Home Occupation $0
Flood Plain Development $0
Urban Chickens $30

Planning & Zoning Commission Fees

Rezoning Request


Minor Subdivision Plat


Preliminary Subdivision Plat
Plus $5.00 per lot or dwelling unit proposed


Final Subdivision Plat
Do not need to pay $5.00 per lot proposed again


Board of Adjustment Fee

Variance Request


Contact Bremer County Building Inspections at (319) 352-0332 for fee amount.

Plumbing & Mechanical

Public Works
Sidewalk/Driveway Approach/Curb & Gutter Permit Application $5-$10
Water/Sewer/Excavation Within City ROW Permit Application                 $25 (gas, electric, cable & phone companies are exempt)

Public Works- Garbage
35-gallon container $18.00/month emptied weekly
65-gallon container $27.20/month emptied weekly
35-gallon container w/ yellow lid $14.55/month and emptied every other week
Extra Garbage Tags           $2.50

Public Works- Recycling
35-gallon container $3.50/month
65-gallon container $3.50/month
95-gallon container $5.55/month

Public Works- Sewer
Class 1 Residential $8.04/ cubic feet of water used
Minimum Charge (245 cu.ft.) $19.70/month
Nonmetered Sewer Rate $48.24/month

Public Works- Water
First 1.000 cu.ft. $5.01/ 100 cu.ft.
Next 4,000 cu.ft. $4.01/ 100 cu.ft.
Next 5,000 cu.ft. $3.25/ 100 cu.ft.
Over 10,000 cu.ft. $2.50/ 100 cu.ft.
The above rates are based on monthly consumptions of water.  It is expressly provided, however, that each and every building, tenant, premises or each and every separate service connected with the water system shall be charged and shall pay monthly for the use of water measured and registered by meter, a minimum rate as follows:
Minimum Charges:
For 5/8-inch and 3/4-inch meters $12.27/month
For 1-inch and 1-1/2- inch meters $15.29/month
For 2- inch meters $53.36/month
For 3-inch meters $81.68/month
For 4-inch meters $138.57/month
For 6-inch meters $327.67/month
Hose Bib Meter- One month rental for $25.  Sanitary sewer charges will be reimbursed after the water meter is removed/returned.  

Public Works- Disposal of Bulky Items
Items Not Picked Up by the Garbage:
Appliances with Freon (refrigerator, freezer, air conditioner, dehumidifier) $15.00
Appliances without Freon (water heater, stove, washer, dryer, microwave, trash compactor, etc.) $15.00
Furniture (mattress, box springs, sofa, stuffed chair, table, dresser, vanity, etc.) $5.00

Televisions & Computer Monitors (by screen size, measured diagonally):

Computers & Printers     $5.00
Carpeting (per cubic yard)             $20.00
Miscellaneous Metal Items (gas grill [no LP tanks accepted], lawn mower, bike, snow blower, rototiller) $3.00


Car Tire (w/out rim) $6.00
Truck Tire 16"-19"  (w/out rim) $9.00
Truck Tire 20"-24"  (w/out rim)            not accepted
Tractor Tire - all sizes (w/out rim)      not accepted
Special Pickup Service     $25.00/trip (does not include applicable item fees)

Temporary Dumpster Rental

Curbside Yard Waste Collection
Fall/Spring Collection of Leaves/Yard Waste (within City limits) $0 with biodegradable bags
Wood Mulch Delivery (within City limits) fee
Compost Delivery (within City limits) fee
Leaf Vacuum Service (within City limits)       $30/trip (large yards or yards with lots of leaves may require more than one trip)
Special Pickup for Leaves/Yard Waste/Brush (within City limits) $25/load

Leisure Services- Swimming Pool
Individual Daily Admission $5.00
Lap Swim $3.00
Twilight (After 6:00 pm M-F)(After 5:00 Weekends and Holidays) $3.00
Toddler Admission (age 0-5) $3.00
Wacky Wednesday  $3.00
Individual Season Pass    $65.00
Family (up to 5) ($20.00/person over 5)   $135.00
Caregiver/Babysitter pass $30.00
10 punch swim pass $35.00
10 punch lap pass $20.00
10 punch Toddler pass    $20.00
Pool Party- 1 Hour – up to 75 people $150.00
Pool Party- 1 Hour – up to 150 people $200.00

Shelter/Diamond Reservation
Diamond Reservation
1.5 hour period (daylight hours-as is-practice)      $5.00
1.5 hour period (daylight hours-drug only) $15.00
2 hour period (daylight hours- drug and marked) $30.00
1 diamond all day (no lights)         $50.00
2 diamonds all day (no lights) $80.00
3 diamonds all day (no lights)       $110.00
Lights per diamond per hour $15.00
(Kid’s Kingdom, Lion’s, Amvets, Droste, South Riverside)
$40.00/4 hours
$1.00/4 hours local youth non-profit
Performance area (amphitheater)             $75/ 2 hours; $125/4 hours
$250/over 4 hours or +100 participants
$100 Deposit
Keg Permit $50.00 permit, $40.00 shelter reservation,
$50.00 deposit
Moving Athletic Event     $25.00 and $100.00 deposit

Civic Center Reservation

Cemetery Fees

Library Meeting Rooms                                                                     $10.00 deposit
Staff setup                                                                                          $50.00
After hours from 8:00-10:00pm Monday-Thursday                         $10.00/half hour

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Permits

Select the link to view some of the frequently asked questions for permits. 

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