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Library Board

The Library Board of Trustees has charge, control, and supervision of the Public Library including policies for the use and management of the library. The 9 members are appointed to a 6-year term, meeting the second Tuesday of each month. Resident trustees are appointed by Mayor with confirmation by the Waverly City Council. Nonresident trustees are appointed by Mayor with confirmation by the Bremer County Board of Supervisors.

James Perry, President - Term Expires: 07/01/2024, Email: 
Diana Blake, Vice President - Term Expires: 07/01/2026, Email: 
Ross Helgevold, Secretary - Term Expires:  07/01/2024, Email: 
Jim Janssen - Term Expires: 07/01/2022, Email: 
Erin Jones - Term Expires: 07/01/2024, Email: 
Andrew Kahler - Term Expires: 07/01/2026, Email: 
Elaine Main - Term Expires: 07/01/2026, Email: 
Deanna McCue - Term Expires: 07/01/2022, Email: 
Linda Podhajsky - Term Expires: 07/01/2022, Email: 
Brian Birgen, Council Liaison - Term Expires: 01/02/2020, Email: 

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