Executive Director Job Description

posted in Chamber of Commerce on June 19, 2024

Position:  Executive Director

Reports To:  Waverly Chamber of Commerce/Main Street Executive Committee

General Scope of Work:  Administrative, Property and Small Business Development, Membership and Marketing Services, Waverly Main Street Program, Design and Beautification, Marketing, organizational staff and Waverly Chamber of Commerce Strategic Plan.

Qualifications: BA or three years of relevant experience with prior experience leading strong teams.  Qualified candidates will have strong leadership, communication and organizational skills to effectively connect with internal and external stakeholders.

Specific Areas of Responsibility:  The position is responsible to the Board of Directors and serves as the lead position in the coordination of the organization’s professional staff, support staff (volunteers), and office intern.  This position will coordinate, direct and oversee the efforts of the following areas including standing committees and any sub-committees or task forces created by those committees:  Main Street Membership and Marketing Committee, Main Street Business Development Committee, Main Street Design & Beautification Committee, Main Street Retail Promotions Committee, Executive Committee and Board of Directors.  This position also serves as the Treasurer for Waverly Area Development Fund board of directors and an Ex Officio for the Waverly Sister City Organization board.

In tandem with the Administrative Assistant, the position is responsible for accounting/record-keeping of financial activities of the overall organization including approving accounts payable, reconciling and managing monthly financials to be completed for monthly executive committee meeting.

General Responsibilities/Tasks (50%):

     1. Administrative (20%)

  • Coordinate staff and administer annual staff reviews.
  • Implement and monitor staff salaries and benefits by providing recommendations to the Executive Committee.
  • Organize daily and on-going office coordination.
  • Create and update the organizational Personnel Handbook and implement policies.
  • Work with Admin Assistant, Executive Committee, and Board of Directors to implement a fiscally responsible annual budget for the upcoming year’s forecasted income/expenses.
  • Coordinate the efforts of the directors and support staff to ensure their efforts are a direct reflection of the priorities of the board and consistent with the direction of the Executive Director.

     2. Executive Committee and Board of Directors (10%)

  • Develop and compile the overall business plan for the organization on an annual basis. 
  • Overall responsibility of monitoring business plan progress and effectiveness.
  • Create and implement agendas and strategies for each meeting.

     3. Main Street- Business Development Committee (10%)

  • Communicate with and inform downtown property and business owners about initiatives in downtown Waverly to help them understand why their involvement is important
  • Assist the City of Waverly in the concept, design and implementation of any downtown projects and business recruitment.
  • Work with local investors to coordinate a community development corporation for the purpose of purchasing downtown properties for renovation and resale/lease.
  • Manage and be active lesion for the Waverly Area Development Fund.
  • Initiate workforce development and recruitment activities, in partnership with Waverly Welcome Home, to increase the quality and quantity of the area’s labor force.
  • Implement a business recruitment plan by developing a database of potential businesses and sending recruitment information quarterly.
  • Coordinate inquiries regarding potential retail retention, development and/or expansion.  Meet with prospective businesses and provide necessary information.
  • Spur downtown redevelopment efforts by working with the City of Waverly, investors, citizens, business owners and property owners.
  • Maintain inventory of commercial properties for sale and/or lease.  Distribute list to interested prospects.

     4. Main Street – Membership & Marketing Committee (10%)

  • Increase membership on an annual basis through ongoing efforts and an annual membership drive.
  • Organize Annual Awards Celebration event in partnership with staff and venue – update nomination forms yearly, secure award and event sponsors and nomination committee (made up of award sponsors) to choose winners based on submissions and staff recommendations.
  • Organize quarterly Learn Over Lunch education events to assist Waverly area retailers and other businesses.
  • Lead the publication of the annual Membership Directory with staff and publishing house.
  • Coordinate an active Ambassador program with activities for retention and recognition of area businesses.
  • Provide leadership-training opportunities for membership and the community, designed to strengthen the quality and quantity of leaders in Waverly (Project Lead)
  • Provide members with activities and events offering networking opportunities such as monthly Chamber Happy Hours and quarterly Waverly Connected.

Community Relations (25%):  

  1. Develop a close working relationship with the city council/mayor/city staff and key community leaders.           
  2. ​Promote and encourage volunteer involvement in the Waverly Chamber and Main Street organization. 
  3. Represent Waverly Chamber of Commerce in a positive manner to the public and its membership.
  4. Build and foster relationships with valuable partners in economic development including:  local lenders, area realtors, City of Waverly, Waverly Utilities, Waverly Health Center, Waverly-Shel Rock Schools, Iowa Economic Development Authority, Main Street Iowa, UNI Institute for Decision Making, UNI Small Business Development Center, etc.

On-going Activities (25%):

  1. Attend Main Street Iowa trainings and submit quarterly reports.
  2. Coordinate inquiries regarding potential retail retention, development and/or expansion.
  3. Support/attend Waverly Chamber of Commerce events and activities.
  4. Promote Waverly Chamber of Commerce through public speaking engagements.
  5. Assist in the development of business plans for retail businesses.
  6. Attend Iowa Association of Chambers of Commerce (IACC) and Mid-America Chamber Executives (MACE) workshops and conferences for professional development and to build a strong collegial network of industry pears.

The Scope of Work/Job Description is not intended to be all-inclusive, as other programs or activities may be added through action by the Executive Committee and/or Board of Directors.  Additional staff, board, and committee responsibilities are fully defined in the Waverly Chamber of Commerce 2023-2027 Strategic Plan.

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