Trees Forever Fall Tree Rebate Program

posted in Leisure Services on September 10, 2020

Waverly Trees Forever Fall Tree Rebate Program

Waverly Trees Forever is sponsoring a tree replacement program for Waverly residents. The program objective is to continue to restore the Waverly tree canopy after the trees that have been removed due to the Emerald Ash Borer situation or for any other reason.

Any Waverly address may take advantage of the program if they have had any tree removed on their property.

Trees may be purchased by the public at Tiedt Nursery and Wells Hollow Landscaping.  The program is a 50% rebate up to $75 off the cost of each tree. For example: a $100 tree would get a $50 rebate, a $150 tree would get a $75 rebate, and a $250 tree would get a $75 rebate.  

Because Waverly is about 40% maples between the sidewalk and the curb, this program will not give rebates on maple trees that would be planted between the sidewalk and the curb.

There is a limit of funding so there is a limit of 40 trees rebated this year.  Each purchaser may only buy two trees per address each year. 

Check with local vendors for a list of available replacement species.  The choices will be limited by their current inventory.

The dates of the program are September 14-November 7. There will be no sales after Saturday, November 7, 2020.

For more information call Leisure Services at 352-6263.

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