Bremer Avenue Construction Update - August 23rd

posted in Chamber of Commerce on August 23, 2017

Bremer Avenue Update – August 23, 2017 

Stage 3 – West Bremer from Casey’s to 20th Street (Redeemer Church) 

  • West Bremer will open to traffic on Thursday, August 24th limited to the inside lanes, one lane in each direction.
  • The intersections at 15th Street, 16th Street, 18th Street and 20th Street (including the ramp) will be open.
  • The traffic signals at 15th Street and 16th Street will be flashing red lights in every direction which means every vehicle must stop and alternate with traffic through the intersection from other directions.
  • Construction work will continue in the outside lanes, shoulders and sidewalks protected by traffic control for several more weeks.
  • Construction vehicles will be using the traffic lanes to access the outside lanes for construction activities so the public should use caution when traveling through this stage.
  • Pedestrian crossings will be maintained at both 15th and 16th Streets to cross Bremer Avenue.

Stage 4-West Bremer from 1st Street to 9th Street

  • Traffic control will be set up on Monday, August 28th that will limit through traffic on Bremer to the inside two lanes, one in each direction.
  • No access will be permitted on or off of Bremer Avenue to or fron any side streets between 1st Street West (Waterstreet Grill-Classic Cleaners) and 10th Street West (Collegetowne Plaza) during this stage.
  • 4th Street will not access Bremer Avenue from either side.
  • Northbound traffic on 4th Street SW wanting to travel East on Bremer Avenue or North on 1st Street NW should turn right on 3rd Avenue SW (past St. John's Church) (which will be marked as a one-way street toward the river) and then left on 1st Street SW to access East Bremer Avenue. 
  • Traffic coming from East Bremer and 1st Street NW wanting to travel South, should use 1st Street SW and then right on 2nd Avenue SW (past the Fire Station) (which will be marked as a one-way street from 1st Street to 4th Street SW) to reach 4th Street SW.
  • Northbound traffic on 4th Street SW wanting to travel West on Bremer Avenue should turn left on 2nd Avenue SW (at the Dry Run) and then right on 10th Street SW (by the Hospital).
  • The intersection of 1st Street West and Bremer Avenue will be open to access businesses North an South on Bremer.
  • The intersection of 10th Street West and Bremer Avenue (Collegtowne Plaza) should be used to access businesses North and South on Bremer.
  • This closure will last for several months.

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