December Newsletter 2016

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Job Openings for CNC Machinists, Welders, Nurses and More

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Waverly area employers have immediate openings for welders, CNC machinists and programmers, nurses, paramedics, administrative professionals and more. Click here to view all Waverly area job postings:

Why Businesses Succeed in Waverly, Iowa

Looking for a place to grow your business? See why businesses are succeeding in Waverly, Iowa.


 Waverly offers a favorable business climate

 Iowa has a business-friendly tax structure

 Community colleges provide employee training opportunities through

State of Iowa employee training programs.

 Local incentives can include tax increment financing, tax rebatement,

and revolving loan funds

 Iowa is a "right to work" state

Bremer County Economic Indicators

Bremer County posted solid economic numbers for the third quarter of 2016. Construction and real estate data reflect strong investment and bank deposits and assets continue to grow. Bankruptcies are down and vehicle registrations up. Employment numbers continue to be sound despite a small uptick in unemployment.