Snow Removal

The City of Waverly provides snow and ice control in a safe and cost effect manner.  A reasonable level of service for clearance of snow or ice and maintenance of the street system during the winter months is necessary for routine travel and emergency services.

When Snow or Ice Operations Begin

The Public Services Superintendent will decide when to begin snow or ice control operations based on the following criteria:

  • The depth and time of snow accumulation along with the volume of traffic will dictate when plowing operations will begin.  This is normally when snow accumulations reach two inches or when blowing and drifting of snow seriously affects traffic.
  • Icy conditions on streets, which seriously affect traffic.

Priorities for Snow Removal

The following snow removal priorities have been established in order to make efficient use of available resources:

  1. Primary snow routes which includes the hospital, schools, & Bremer Ave.
  2. Remaining snow routes (see list of snow route streets below)
  3. Airport
  4. Residential streets
  5. Cul-de-sacs
  6. Alleys
  7. Return to all streets & remove snow from previous parked-car sites (day or 2 after snow event)

Cars that are normally parked on the snow routes NEED TO BE MOVED IMMEDIATELY DURING SNOW CONDITIONS so those streets can be plowed.

Cul-de-sacs and dead-end streets are time consuming and for this reason we wait until the last time through with plows to finish them.  Alleys will be the lowest priority.  Main roads will be kept open first.

There are exceptions to all these priorities depending upon the amount and time of snowfall.  During blizzard conditions, priorities will vary; again, depending on amount of snow and drifting.

Snow placed in driveways by City plows is the property owner’s responsibility for removal.  Snow from a private driveway may not be place on or pushed across a City street.

The Public Works Department will announce on KWAY Radio and Facebook if garbage and recycling collection is impacted by severe weather.

Emergency Snow Routes

The following public streets within the City of Waverly are hereby designated as official snow routes, and shall be so identified by signs conforming to Iowa State Department of Transportation guidelines.  Vehicles not removed from the Emergency Snow Route during a snow event may be ticketed or even towed.

  • 12th St. NW from W. Bremer Ave. to North City Limits
  • Ridgewood Boulevard from 12th St. NW to Cedar River Drive
  • Cedar River Drive from Ridgewood Boulevard to 7th Ave. NW
  • 7th Ave. NW from 12th St. NW to 5th St. NW
  • 5th St. NW from 7th Ave. NW to 5th Ave. NW
  • 5th Ave. NW from 20th St. NW to 1st St. NW
  • 20th St. NW from W. Bremer Ave. / Hwy. 218 to 5th Ave. NW
  • 1st St. NW from W. Bremer Ave. to Adams Parkway
  • Adams Parkway from 1st St. NW to Horton Road
  • Horton Road from Adams Parkway to North City Limits
  • 3rd St. NE from 2nd Ave. NE to East Bremer Ave.
  • Bremer Ave. from 12th St. NW to 8th St. NE
  • 8th St. NE from E. Bremer Ave. to 2nd Ave. NE
  • 2nd Ave. NE from 3rd St. NE to 10th St. NE / Bremer Road
  • Bremer Rd. from 2nd Ave. NE to East City Limits
  • 16th St. SW from W. Bremer Ave. to 10th Ave. SW
  • 10th Ave. SW from 4th St. SW to Heritage Way (Hwy. 3)
  • Cedar River Parkway from 4th St. SW to E. Bremer Ave. (Hwy. 3)
  • 2nd Ave. SW from 16th St. SW to 1st St. SW.
  • 10th St. SW from W. Bremer Ave. to 2nd Ave. SW
  • 8th St. SW from 2nd Ave. SW to 5th Ave. SW
  • 4th St. SW from W. Bremer Ave. to 8th Ave. SW
  • 1st St. SW from W. Bremer Ave. to 8th Ave. SW
  • 8th Ave. SW from 4th St. SW to 1st St. SE
  • 1st St. SE from 8th Ave. SE to Cedar River Parkway
  • Crestwood Ave. from 1st St. SE to 8th St. SE
  • 7th Ave. SE from 1st St. SW to 4th St. SE
  • 4th St. SE from 7th Ave. SE to Crestwood Ave. 
  • 8th St. SE from Crestwood Ave. to 17th Ave. SE
  • 15th St. NW from W. Bremer Ave. to 3rd Ave. NW
  • 3rd Ave. NW from 15th St. NW to Hwy. 218 (20th St. NW).
  • 3rd Ave. NW from Hwy. 218 (20th St. NW) to 24th St. NW
  • 24th St. NW from Highway 218 (5th Ave. NW) to W. Bremer Ave.
  • W. Bremer Ave. from 24th St. NW to Hwy. 218 (20th St. NW)
  • Hwy. 218 from intersection of W. Bremer Ave. & 20th St. NW to NW City Limits

A snow removal emergency shall be deemed to exist after an accumulation of any amount of snow on City streets, or after declaration of a snow removal emergency by the Public Works Director, through a public radio announcement.  Said emergency shall be deemed to continue for a period of twenty-four hours thereafter unless such period of time shall be shortened or extended by declaration of the Public Works Director.  The Public Works Director may declare a snow emergency in accordance with the above, prior to snow fall occurring if based on weather predictions and existing snow conditions such declaration is warranted to ensure the clear use of snow routes during the next twenty-four hour period.  It shall be unlawful for any person to park or leave unattended or unoccupied any vehicle upon a designated snow route within the City of Waverly during the existence of a snow removal emergency.  The parking restrictions shall be inapplicable to vehicles parked upon a street within a city block in any designated snow route that has been cleared of snow from curb to curb, for the entire length of the block.  Any vehicle parked or left unattended upon a designated snow route in violation of this section may be towed or removed at its owner's expense through police authorization and the owner of any vehicle parked or left unattended in violation of this section shall be subject to fine for illegal parking.

If you have questions in regards to snow route locations, call email Public Services or call 319-352-6247.

Damage from Snow Plow

At times it is very difficult for snow plow operators to judge where curbs and other obstacles are located during a snow event.  If damage occurs to your yard due to plowing operations, the City will repair sod damage in a timely manner in the spring.  Email Public Services or call 319-352-6247 if you would like to report any damage.

Motorists & Safety Concerns

  • Observe all parking bans on snow routes during a snow event. 
  • If you do not live along a snow route, it is very helpful to the drivers of the snow plows if as many vehicles as possible are pulled off the street.  This expedites snow removal efforts by City forces.
  • Reduce your speed and drive cautiously.  Remember driving on slick winter pavements is hazardous, even if they have been plowed.
  • Finally, have patience around City snow plows and all City snow removal equipment.  Snow plowing is a time consuming, laborious and stressful job.  Do not follow plows too closely.  During their operation they occasionally have to stop and back up.  Please give the plows plenty of room to do a good job for you and everyone else.

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