Construction Projects

Public Services Center - North Addition 2021

Project Description:  Construction of a 21,230 SF addition to the Public Services building.
Estimated Cost:  $2.67 Million
Bids Due:  December 17, 2020 by 10:00 am  (City Hall, 200 1st St. NE, PO Box 616, Waverly, Iowa)
Order Plans & Specs:   Farnsworth Group, 14225 University Avenue, Ste. 110, Waukee, Iowa 50263  (515-225-3469)
Construction Period:   April - November 2021
Additional Info:   Notice of Letting    Site Map 
Low Bidder:   Cresco Building Services
Low Bid Amount:   $1,877,900   Bid Tab

Cedar River Park (Youth Ballfields) - Phase 2

Project Description:  Ball field installation for seven baseball/softball fields and one miracle ballfield (including all surfacing, fencing, and irrigation systems), building foundations (for press boxes, concessions, dugouts, and restrooms), paving (for parking lots, sidewalks and trails), installation of an irrigation well, and all other work necessary to complete the project.
Estimated Cost:  $2,640,260
Bids Due:  February 2, 2021 by 10:00 a.m. in Waverly's City Hall. 
Order Plans & Specs:  Rapids Reproductions, Inc., 6201 Chancellor Dr., Cedar Falls, IA  50613; (319)277-5538 .   A $50 refundabale deposit is required.
Construction Period:   Early Start - June 22, 2020;  Late Start - July 6, 2020
Additional Info:   Notice of Letting    Site Map 
Low Bidder:   
Low Bid Amount:   $ 

Bituminous Seal Coat Program 2021

Project Description:  Seal coating of approximately 108 City blocks or 118,800 SY (1,780 Tons of 3/8" aggregate; 34,450 gal. of Binder Bitumen MC-3000; 
Estimated Cost:  $210,000
Bids Due:  3/2/21
Order Plans & Specs:   City of Waverly, 200 1st Street NE, Waverly, IA   (319-352-9065)
Construction Period:   June 7 - August 20, 2021
Additional Info:   Notice of Letting    Site Map 
Low Bidder:   
Low Bid Amount:   $     

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