Construction Projects

Old WPC Dome Demolition

Project Description:  This project involves the demolition of an old wastewater treatment dome.  Work will include crushing and stockpiling of approximately 1,300 cubic yards of concrete.
Estimated Cost:  $150,000
Bids Due:  October 6, 2020 by 2:00 p.m.
Order Plans & Specs:   Contract documents are available at This contract is QuestCDN project number eBidDoc 7298243.
Construction Period:   To be completed on or before February 26, 2021.
Additional Info:   Notice of Letting    Site Map 
Low Bidder:   Elder Corp. of Des Moines, Iowa   Bid Tab
Low Bid Amount:   $58,500.00    

Harlington Cemetery Storage Building

Project Description:  Demolition of existing storage building and construction of new 1,518 sf. Storage building.
Bids Due:  July 9, 2020 by 2:00 p.m. to the Leisure Services Office, 200 1st St. NE, Waverly, IA 50677 
Order Plans & Specs:  Modern Design Architects, 201 Main Street, Janesville, IA  50647; (319)987-2101 (by appointment only) .   A $25 refundabale deposit is required.
Construction Period:   Begin immediately;  Completed by November 2020
Additional Info: Notice of Letting      Site Map

Cedar River Park (Youth Ballfields)

Project Description:  Site grading on approximately 22 acres for 7 baseball/softball fields and associated parking lots, including approximately 20,000 CY of import soils; installation of 1,120 LF of water main services; installation of 4,200 LF of storm sewer pipe; installation of 1,550 LF of sanitary sewer pipe, seeding of the site; and all other work to complete project.
Estimated Cost:  $934,000
Bids Due:  May 5, 2020 by 10:00 a.m. in Waverly's City Hall. 
Order Plans & Specs:  Rapids Reproductions, Inc., 6201 Chancellor Dr., Cedar Falls, IA  50613; (319)277-5538 .   A $50 refundabale deposit is required.
Construction Period:   Early Start - June 22, 2020;  Late Start - July 6, 2020
Additional Info:   Notice of Letting    Site Map 
Low Bidder:   Mehmert Tiling, Inc., Lime Springs, Iowa
Low Bid Amount:   $ 709,016.89     Bid Tab

4th St. SW & 10th St. SW Improvements 2020

Project Description:   Reconstruction of 4th Street SW from near 3rd Avenue SW to 8th Avenue SW and reconstruction of 10th Street SW from W. Bremer Avenue to 2nd Avenue SW.   Includes 16,800 SY of pavement, 3,500 LF of storm sewer, 3,100 LF of water main, 2,200 LF of sanitary sewer and a twin RCB 8'x4' box culvert.
Estimated Cost:  $3,800,000 - $4,100,000
Bids Due:  February 11, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. 
Order Plans & Specs:   Snyder & Associates, Cedar Rapids, Iowa -  Click on "Bids" link at  (319-362-9394)  
Construction Period:   June - August 2020  
Additional Info:   Notice of Letting    Site Map 
Low Bidder:   Wicks Construction, Decorah, Iowa
Low Bid Amount:   $4,144,185.76   Bid Tab

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Estimated Cost:  $
Bids Due:  
Order Plans & Specs:   
Construction Period:   
Additional Info:   Notice of Letting    Site Map 
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