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Function of Patrol

Buildingwsquad001The Waverly Police Department’s Patrol Division strives to serve the community's needs and continually looks for ways to improve our service and expand community orientated policing programs in an effort to better serve and protect the people that live and visit our community.

toplightsThe Patrol Division provides protection and service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This Division provides the first line of response to residents calling for assistance for the City of Waverly. These calls include, but are not limited to: all 911 calls, motor vehicle accidents, first aid calls, man-made and natural disasters, fires, reported crimes of all nature, suspicious persons, narcotics enforcement, citizen complaints, and enforcement of state and local laws and ordinances. This Division works at incorporating a spirit of cooperation with both the business community and citizens alike. This assists in furthering the Department’s community policing approach by encouraging a positive relationship with the community and by assisting residents and businesses with resolving nuisance-type issues.

There are ten officers and two sergeants assigned to the Patrol Division. Officers are assigned to one of three shifts (first, second or third) and get to shift bid annually which sets their assignments. The two sergeants are assigned to second and third shift. Officers receive training quarterly in the use of firearms and defensive tactics. In addition to this training, the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy mandates all certified peace officers complete 12 hours of continuing education training a year, or 36 hours within 3 years to maintain certification. This training can include topics such as Active Shooter courses, OWI Update training, Narcotic and Clandestine Lab training, or other topics that are beneficial to the patrol officer.

Officers are also required to complete biannual certification in ILEECP (Iowa Law Enforcement Emergency Care Provider). This includes certifying in CPR and AED and one hour training in each of the following topics: Infectious Diseases, Mandatory Reporting (Dependent Adult and Child Abuse), Trauma Emergencies, and Medical Emergencies. Officers also attend yearly OSHA classes, instructor level courses, and other types of training.

StephenswchildThere are 5 vehicles, 4 Ford Crown Victorias (including k9 vehicle) and 1 Chevrolet Tahoe, assigned to the Patrol Division. Patrol vehicles are typically exchanged every three years and will have approximately 100,000 patrol miles on them at the time of replacement. Each patrol vehicle is equipped with a mobile data computer, digital video recorder, dual antenna radar systems, printers, bar code scanners, protective cages, medical supplies, and patrol bags containing window tint meters, AEDs, preliminary breath testing devices, and kevlar protective helmets.

Captain Eggleston is the Patrol Division Commander and may be reached at 319-352-5400 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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