Hydrant Flushing

posted in Public Works on April 27, 2018

The City's Water Division is flushing fire hydrants throughout the community and will continue flushing hydrants throughout the month of May.  The flushing could cause some discoloration of the drinking water.  However, the water is safe to drink.  To clear the water, a cold water tap should be turned on and allowed to run until it clears.  The hot water should also be checked for discoloration before running it into the washing machine.

Periods of low water pressure may be experienced during this flushing of the fire hydrants.  The Water Division asks the public, especially drivers, to be careful during this time and take into account the possibility of water on the roadways.

The purpose of the hydrant flushing is to remove rust, mineral deposits or grit that comes from the aquifer and is deposited in the water mains.  Also, the mechanical condition of the fire hydrants will be checked.  The flushing operations will start in northwest Waverly.

If you have any questions, please call the Water Division at 352-6261.  A map of the areas being flushed is available to view at the Public Works Office, 200 1st Street NE.

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