Bremer County Emergency Notification System Changing

posted in Public Works on July 6, 2015

Bremer County Emergency Notification System Changing

The emergency notification system used by Bremer County Emergency Management is changing from Code Red to Alert Iowa. Emergency Management Coordinator Kip Ladage explained the reason for the change. “The Iowa Legislature approved funding for a statewide emergency notification system. Instead of each county paying for a notification service based on population, we are now able to be part of a statewide system with a cost savings of $6,000 per year.”

Alert Iowa offers additional benefits to those who register. “We will now have the ability to automatically issue weather alerts from the National Weather Service. This is a feature we currently do not have. With Alert Iowa, those who register will automatically receive Hazardous Materials, Law Enforcement, Shelter In Place, and Tornado Warnings,” Ladage said.  “Additional weather conditions may also be selected by each subscriber. Blizzard, Flood and Winter Storm Warning Alerts will only be received between 6 am and 10 pm.,” Ladage added.

Residents must register with Alert Iowa to take advantage of the new system. Ladage advised subscribers to follow registration instructions carefully.  “In order to receive both text and voice alerts, you must enter your cell phone number twice. Select the “Text” option the first time and the “Voice” option the second time.”

Registration for Alert Iowa is now available, free of charge, at the following link:

For additional information or assistance, contact the Bremer County Emergency Management Agency at (319) 352-0133.

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