Waverly Bark Park Improvements

posted in Leisure Services on May 7, 2020

Waverly Bark Park Improvements

The Waverly Petsafe Bark Park is one of the most utilized parks in Waverly.  A Waverly couple is inspired by the number of dogs and people that are attracted to the park on a daily basis, regardless of the weather and the season of the year.

Last year, Brian and Janadene Harvey gifted $35,000 to the park for enhancements that included a 1,400 ft. long cement sidewalk to allow dog owners to better utilize the center of the park.  “It has been amazing to see people using the sidewalk for exercise, walking with friends, enjoying, and utilizing more of the dog park,” commented Garret Riordan, Director of Waverly Leisure Services.  “There has been a lot of positive feedback about adding the walkway and the benefit of bringing people and their dogs to a safe place to walk and run.”

This year, Brian and Janadene Harvey have provided an additional gift of $2,000 to make some landscape improvements in the park.  An area in the small dog area was landscaped with river rocks, while large limestone blocks were placed in the big dog area, along with some landscape grasses.  “Brian and Janadene’s gift has provided some welcomed enhancements to the dog park.  People now have a place to sit and enjoy the view from the hill as their dogs play in the grass.  The limestone blocks look like a natural element of the park and are very functional.  The addition of the river rock landscape in the small dog side will improve a high traffic area that was difficult to keep clean and mud free,” Jayne Kielman, organizer of the project stated. 

Hartmann Landscaping worked on a tight timeline while the Waverly Petsafe Bark Park was closed during the recent COVID-19 guidelines.  Additionally, Wells Hollow delivered the limestone block and had it ready for Chris Hartmann to landscape.  “It is great to see these improvements and dogs and their owners enjoying them. These are improvements that may not have been possible without the Harvey’s generosity. Thank you from the City of Waverly and all Waverly Bark Park users,” Riordan concluded. 

The Waverly Petsafe Bark Park is now open and is following COVID-19 procedures as outlined by the State of Iowa.

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