Shelter Reservations

posted in Leisure Services on January 20, 2015

Reservations for 2018 Waverly City Park Shelters can be made beginning Tuesday, January 2, at 8:00 am on a first come basis at the Leisure Services Department located in City Hall. Shelter reservation forms are available on line ( or at the office.  Shelter reservations are not complete until the fee is paid and the reservation is recorded.  Shelters available for reservation are Amvets Shelter, Droste Shelter, Kid’s Kingdom Shelter, and Lion’s Shelter all in Memorial/Fairgrounds Park, and South Riverside Park Shelter. Kitchen/storage areas are NOT available for rent. Fees are $35.00 for a 4 hour period. Amvets and Droste shelters are handicapped accessible. Kohlmann Park Shelters are first come – first serve and not available for reservation.

Kegs of beer are permitted in the parks if a keg permit is applied for and granted at least 24 hours before the event by the Director of Leisure Services. Fee for a keg permit is $30.00 plus $35.00 rental of a shelter.

For more information, call 352-6263. Reservations are taken at the Waverly Civic Center/City Hall, Leisure Services Department, 200 First St. NE, PO Box 616, Waverly, IA 50677.    

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