Grass Clippings

posted in Leisure Services on April 26, 2017

Property owners and renters are encouraged to discharge their mowers at least two passes away from the street to minimize the amount of grass clippings left in the street.  Leaving your grass actually benefits the lawn by composting and improving the thatch layer that supports the lawn.

When mowers discharge grass clippings into the street, the clippings go into the storm sewer and eventually decompose to become silt in the river.  Consider the amount one property could blow into the street and then multiply it times 4000 households in the City of Waverly to see how much river silt could be generated each time grass is mowed.

City code defines depositing anything in the street including grass clippings discharged into the street as a public nuisance and offenders could be fined.  

For additional information, call Waverly Leisure Services Dept. at 352-6263 or Waverly Public Works at 352-9065.

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