Dog Park Notice

posted in Leisure Services on October 29, 2015

Dog Park Notice:

Local Waverly veterinary clinics have noted an increase in Bordetella (Kennel Cough) in canine patients at their facilities. Bordetella is a respiratory disease that is spread by the infected animal’s airborne discharges and sharing of water bowls.  Symptoms of the highly contagious disease are a hacking cough and snotty nose.

People who bring their dogs to the Waverly Bark Park should have their pets vaccinated for Bordetella as stated on the rules sign.  Responsible dog owners that have not boarded or groomed their dog in the past need to get all vaccinations including Bordetella before using the Waverly Bark Park to avoid spreading diseases to the other users of the park.

For additional information, call Waverly Leisure Services Dept. at 352-6263.

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