Ash Tree Removal

posted in Leisure Services on November 5, 2015

City crews are continuing the fourth year of a five year project to remove the Ash trees along public right of way. The focus over the next few months will be the SE and NE quadrants of Waverly.  The trees have been identified by the Street Tree Inventory completed by a certified arborist as likely to be infested with Emerald Ash Borer insects and larvae.

City staff will remove the trees and leave the stumps for now.  The stumps will be ground and area restored as time permits next spring. There are other species of hazard trees that will also be removed.

Waverly is fortunate to have trained staff in the Public Services, Leisure Services, and Waverly Utilities that can mitigate many of these tree issues.

Private property owners must assess the ash trees on their property for removal or treatment.  Removal will be at the property owner’s expense and should be done before the tree falls over and damages person or property.  It is suggested that this be done sooner than later.

For more information contact Waverly Leisure Services, 352-6263.

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