Waverly Offers Utility Bill Credits

Due to this winter’s ground frost causing water service lines to freeze, many residents and businesses, whose water temperatures are dropping below 40°, are running a pencil stream width (1/4 inch) of water to keep the water moving and to hopefully prevent their water service line from freezing. This of course will increase the water and sewer charges on those utility bills.

The City of Waverly will provide financial assistance through a utility bill credit for our customers who are running extra water to prevent water pipes from freezing. If your utility bill exceeds twice (2x) the prior year’s usage during the months of January, February and/or March, the City will credit your account for the usage that exceeds twice (2x) the prior year’s amount.

Review your monthly utility bills (January, February & March) and if your water usage is more than twice of last year’s water usage, call the City of Waverly’s Accounting Department at 352-4252 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.   They will assess your utility bill and apply a credit if warranted. Please note that your utility bill does show this year’s and last year’s water usage with the bar graph.

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Reminder for those with frozen water services in Waverly…..

if your water service is frozen, call Public Services at 352-6247 to schedule delivery of non-potable water (not for drinking) for use in flushing your toilet. Call Public Works Administration at 352-9065 if you would like to be placed on the list for free showers at The W (Wartburg).

Frozen water pipes are not a situation unique to Waverly. Cities around the Midwest are reporting similar situations due to the extreme winter weather we are experiencing. The threat is expected to remain for many weeks until spring arrives and the ground warms.

Please remember, your situation may change quickly. Having water now does not guarantee you will have water later. People have reported water freezing within hours of use. YOU MUST MONITOR THE TEMPERATURE OF YOUR WATER.   If your business is not open over the weekend, or if you plan to be gone for a few days, please make arrangements to have someone monitor the water temperature or let your water run.

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