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City Administrator, Phil Jones welcomes you to the City of Waverly's Web Site.  Located in the Civic Center, Executive Administration gives overall directions to the city departments for fulfillment of policy goals established by the City Council. We welcome you to our website and hope that you find it informative.  You can also reach us directly by phone at 319-352-9211 or by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The City Administrator is directly responsible to the Mayor and City Council.  His duties include the administration of city programs, policies, ordinance and directives as established by the City Council.  He coordinates the delivery of municipal services through various city departments and prepares and administers the city's annual operating budget.  

He keeps the City Council informed on the progress of programs and the status of policies.  He coordinates and gives overall direction to city planning efforts and works closely with appropriate staff to further economic development in the city and surrounding area.

As the chief personnel officer for the city, he has the power to employ, discharge, reclassify or suspend city employees in accordance with city-approved policies. He also represents the City in any employment contract negotiations with city employees. 

The City Administrator's office is in the Executive Administration Department at City Hall where the offices of City Clerk and Deputy City Clerk are also located. Those offices prepare the Council agendas and minutes, process work papers of the Mayor, Council and City Administrator and record and file the ordinances, resolution and other city documents.  The City Clerk's office also coordinates and issues various business permits and licenses.