Rail Trail & Trail System

Welcome to the Waverly Rail Trail! Starting at the 480' Cedar River Bridge in downtown Waverly, the 10' wide asphalt trail proceeds southeast for about 7 miles over 8 bridges and under 2 roads and concludes at US Highway 63. At that point, the Denver- Jefferson Trail takes you into Denver about 2 miles south and the Readlyn-Grump Trail takes you to Readlyn about 6 miles east.

The mostly rural trail exhibits a wide variety of flora and fauna. Facilities include benches and picnic tables at key locations, a modern restroom at the Kwik Star in downtown Waverly, primitive restroom facilities at the 2 and 6 mile mark, and scenery that changes for every season. Several restaurants and shops in downtown Waverly are conveniently close.

Two annual trail events are the Candlelight Walk, the first Saturday of November and the Candlelight Ski, a cross-country ski or walking event the last Saturday of January or first Saturday of February. They are walk/ski events with about 400 luminaries for 1.1 miles on the trail edges, bonfire, and Nestles hot cocoa at the turn around point.

Rail-Trail Rules

  • Signal turns or stops
  • Move to single file when an oncoming trail user approaches
  • Move off the trail or stay clear when stopped
  • Show respect for adjacent private property
  • No hunting or firearms allowed on trail or within 50 feet of trail
  • Trail users are encouraged to wear appropriate safety equipment, including helmets
  • When passing, say "on your left" or "passing"
  • Pets should be on a leash and should not leave "anything" behind
  • Keep the trail clean
  • Slow down when the trail is busy
  • Stay alert
  • Have fun

Rail Trail Video

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