Park Information

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Brookwood Park (415 6th Ave. SE) is a large area along the Cedar River south of the Green Bridge. It has the Green Bridge Disc Golf Course. Brookwood has several mature trees, open space and an undeveloped area to the east along the river. There are walking trails in the undeveloped areas. There is a non-motorized boat ramp. Fishing is very popular. There are hard surface trails connecting to SE Elementary and Red Cedar Park and walking trails in the undeveloped areas. A paved parking area is present.

Cedar Hill Park (400 Brown Lane NE) is a natural stand of hardwoods in the Murphy addition. It is on sandy soils and has an overlook over the Cedar River. Nature trails are marked and identified. Brown Lane. 

Crestwood Park (200 8th Parkway SE) is a water retention area in Southeast Waverly. It has some open space. East of 4th St. SE and North of 8th Ave. SE. It has a hard surface trail running the length of the park connecting to SE Elementary and South Riverside Park.

Eastgate Park (220 Elm St. NE) is in the northeast corner of Eastgate subdivision. It has a play unit, basketball courts, backstop and open area. There is a waterway splitting the park and a bridge to connect the two sides. Corner of Elm and Maple NE.  

First Home Park (1299 2nd Ave. SW) is a small area with playground equipment and swings. It has a basketball slab. 2nd Ave. and Iowa St. SW.

Hickory Heights Park (1312 Dalton Drive NW) has playground equipment and swings, backstop, basketball slab, open area and tree plantings. West end of Park Ave.

Juhl Park (1001 9th St. NW) has a play unit and a basketball slab. 9th Ave. and 9th St. NW.

Kohlmann Park (101 1st St. NW) is 4 blocks long along the Cedar River. It has a play unit, swings, recreational trail, 2 small shelters, modern restroom, some of the best fishing and views of the inflatable dam. It is the closest park that we have to a town square. Many community events are held here.

Memorial Park (403 5th Ave. SW) is the main city park in town. It has the 3 lighted ball diamonds, a renovated outdoor swimming pool with 2 water slides, large wooden play unit (Kid's Kingdom built in September 1992), two restroom facilities, log cabin, four picnic shelters, concession stand, and Fairgrounds buildings. It is north of the Municipal Golf Course. 5th Ave. and 4th St. SW.

Pelikan Park (1401 Cedar Lane Dr. NE) is along the back waters of the Cedar River. It is popular for fishing and is the main ice skating location. Cedar Lane east of Horton Road.

Prairie Park (North of Tumbleweed Tr. NE) has a play unit and swings, many young trees and open space. A new prairie was just installed on the north half of the park in 2012.

Ridgewood Park (734 Greenfield Ave. NW) is a green space next to the river.  

Rolling Meadow Park (1322 Robertson Road SW) is 2.3 acres and has playground equipment and swings, beautiful landscaping, a full court basketball court, and an open area in the middle of the park. Located at Robertson Road south of the High School.

South Riverside Park (319 1st St SW) is south of the Fire Station and is along the Cedar River for 5 blocks. It has a hard surface recreational trail that connects Crestwood Park, shelter, porta-potty, playground equipment and some undeveloped area to the south. Fishing is popular along the river in this park. The Park Maintenance and Rec Storage buildings are located in this park.

Three Rivers Park has a double boat ramp and a boat dock. It is adjacent to the Waverly Light and Power Duck Pond area. The Duck Pond is popular for hiking and fishing. 1000 Adams Parkway NW.  

Willow Lawn Park has a play unit, swings, basketball slab, and back stop. It has had extensive tree plantings. It is pie shaped with houses on two sides and street on the other. 24th St. NW.

A high quality of life, friendly and progressive merchants, and a college town atmosphere; this is Waverly, Iowa.