Reservations & Fees

Free to Local Government (any time usage)
City of Waverly including all Departments, Waverly Utilities, and the “W” 

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Free if for meetings weekdays before 4:00 pm
Bremer County, Waverly Health Center, USDA, Bremer County FSA, Bremer County ISU Extension Service & WSR (See Fee Structure for after 4:00 pm weekdays and weekends)

Non-Profit Groups
social organization with nonprofit status, charity, church, service club, Wartburg, etc.

Non-Local Government
Any governmental group not listed under free  

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Private Use Groups
any private organization (banks, businesses, etc) 

Private Social Gathering
family, reunion, graduation, retirement

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A high quality of life, friendly and progressive merchants, and a college town atmosphere; this is Waverly, Iowa.