Trees Forever

Trees Forever began in 1991 as an effort by Waverly Utilities to promote trees for energy efficiency. Waverly Utilities provides annual financial support to Waverly Trees Forever. Waverly Trees Forever in cooperation with Waverly Leisure Services Department and Waverly Shell Rock School Science Club, pursues grants and accepts donations and memorials. Over the past years, every city park and school in Waverly has benefited from Waverly Trees Forever. Projects include the Golf Course, Cemetery, Bremwood, Bartels Lutheran Home, Wartburg College and many streets and boulevards. 

Trees Forever Committee meets once monthly to discuss projects and policies. They are volunteers with a City Parks and Waverly Utilities staff person as liaisons.

For more information, call 352-6263.

Tree Planting Tips

For spring plantings, plant early. The longer in the season that the plant has to grow with cool, moist conditions, the more roots will beome established to get it through our hot summer. Avoid summer planting because of the increased moisture stress during the hot, dry months.

Mulch, mulch, mulch. Mulching should be considered a requirement of tree and shrub planting.  Mulch with 3-5 inches of organic mulch well beyond the root area of the new planting, ensuring that there is no mulch next to the stem of the plant.

Water properly. Allow time between watering for the root area to dry, which promotes aditional root development. When you water, water with sufficient water to soak the entire root system and beyond. Remember, you can over-water with respect to frequency, but you cannot use too much water during an application. For first year conifirs, continue watering until the soil is frozen.

Minimize pruning. Correct problems such as multiple leaders and rubbing branches, but leave the rest. The leaves are the source of carbohydrates for new root growth and expansion.

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