Project Runway

February 24 - February 25, 2018

10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Emily McClimon

Waverly Public Library
1500 W Bremer Avenue
Waverly, IA 50677

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For Teens - Middle School or High School ages

2-Day event. Saturday is the work and construction day (10am - 4pm). Sunday is to get ready for the Runway Show and have the Runway Show (2pm-5pm *may start the day earlier depending on how Saturday goes.) More specific details for competitors below.

How the Competition will work:

You must be your own model or provide another person to be your model. If you bring someone else to be the model, they can come into the workroom on Saturday for you to try the garment and do fittings. They need to be present on Sunday for the prep period and runway show.
To begin on Saturday at 10am, each competitor or team of 2 will draw a button from the bag of buttons. Each button in the bag represents a clothing item – items could be anything from an old prom dress, a pants suit, or bib overalls. Then your mission will be to redesign that garment into something new & chic.
After each competitor or team has drawn their button and received their corresponding garment, you will have 10-15 minutes to sketch out a design plan. Materials for sketching will be provided.
When the sketching period is up, all competitors will get $250 (fake money). Everyone will go to Mood for design supplies. In the Mood store set up in the library, there will be lots of different materials to choose from, along with other embellishments. Everything you purchase must be within your $250 budget.
After you return from Mood, the rest of the day on Saturday will be time to work on your garment in the workroom.
You will have one meeting with the show host on Saturday during the day sometime as a preliminary critique of your design and to see how things are going.
All garments will be left at the library overnight from Saturday to Sunday. You can’t take it home.
There will be helpers available to assist you in your creating. They won’t do any of the designing or work for you, but they will help you accomplish your plans and ideas and give you construction tips and advice.
On Sunday, from 2pm-4pm, will be your final fitting for your models. You will have to have them get their hair and makeup done in those two hours. You will have to choose accessories from the wall of accessories that will be in the work room.
Promptly at 4pm Sunday the Runway Show will begin. It is open to the public so parents and friends can come and watch.
The judges will critique your looks right after the show and a winner will be announced.

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