NirvanaOnline - Spring Break Camp

March 14

8:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Emily McClimon

Waverly Public Library
1500 W Bremer Ave
Waverly, IA 50677

See map

NirvanaOnline is an innovative new way to play Minecraft. Pre-built game worlds and servers that offer players the chance to experience game worlds they won't find anywhere else. The world we will be exploring during the week of Spring Break is Chernobyl Carnivale. All players are on the same server. There will be new content releases each day and the schedule is listed below. Registration is not required, but is preferred. Also, please bring your own device to use if you have one. If you do not have access to a device, please stop in the library prior to the event to talk with Emily and see what other options we can make available. For 4th grade and up. Free.

March 12th – The Diabolical Den Game Pack
• The Avogadro in the Attic (World Boss)
• The Brawl in the Basement (Arena)
• The Mannequins in the Manor (Strike)
• The Diabolical Den (District)
March 13th – The Player Housing Update
• 4 new player houses for CCO
• Players purchase their own homes!
• Collect housing deeds!
• Securely store your items in new Ender Chests!
March 14st – The Secret Park Expansion Pack
• The Haus of Wax (Strike)
• The Bone-Chipper (Strike)
• The Greif Nest (Strike)
• The Dangling Dwelling (Player House)
• The Wax Room (Exclusive Player House)
• Experiment 213 (World Boss)
• [Redacted Until March 2018]
• [Redacted Until March 2018]
• [Redacted Until March 2018]
March 15th – The Polterkin Update
• Polterkin Park (Strike)
• KillHaus One (Arena)
March 16th – Adventure Alley Game Pack
• The Wailing Reservoir (Maze)
• Big Slugger (World Boss)
• Carla’s Bar Bash (Arena)

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